Akatsuki Hare - Full Covers
Even though Hare is a new UTAU, she already has covered many songs!

You can find a list of them all on her Portfolio on her UTAU Wikia page.

I update it regularly to make sure it is always up to date with the covers I am aware of. Eventually, I will move the list over on this site (once I know how) as it's getting a bit too long for her Wikia page and I want to keep that tidy.

When I make new covers with Hare, they are always up on my SoundCloud page first. Then I try to get art for them so that I can upload them to my YouTube channel. A lot of things that are still works in progress get uploaded to my SoundCloud, and I often remaster my covers.

If you've made a cover with Hare that isn't on the list, just comment here, on my SoundCloud or YouTube, or alternatively, you can email me (zaf-utau@hotmail.co.uk) to get them added on.

I do cover for cover's, so if you'd like to do a trade, please let me know! ^^ I'm also always looking for cover art, so if you can provide some of that, I'm sure I can find something to do for you in return.
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