Current list of all song covers using Akatsuki Hare
I thought I would list here all of the song covers (including duets) that have contained Hare so far.

[Akatsuki Hare] I=Fantasy by AkatsukiHare

[Akatsuki Hare] Ugly (Japanese Version) by AkatsukiHare

[Akatsuki Hare] Tell Your World by AkatsukiHare

Onohara Fumiko ♂ and Akatsuki Hare - Tsugai Kogarashi by AkatsukiHare

Akatsuki Hare - Leia by AkatsukiHare

I would really like to thank Makoto-P for making the following songs, which I unfortunately cannot embed like the ones above, but they all link to the corresponding SoundCloud pages:
Song of Eared Robot
Monochrome ∞ Blue Sky
Monochrome ∞ Blue Sky - Duet with Onohara Fumiko, Makoto-P's UTAU.
iNSaNiTy - featuring Onohara Fumiko ♂
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