OK, so last post for today XD

Akatsuki Hare Concept Design 1 by ~kisekikumo on deviantART

Akatsuki Hare Concept Design 3 by ~kisekikumo on deviantART

These are my concept designs for Akasuki Hare. As you can tell, I'm not the best digital artist out there, so I will be commissioning and requesting art of her XD

Again, Makoto-P has been amazing and made a piece for her cover of iNSaNiTy she made with Hare featuring Onohara Fumiko ♂ - thankyou so much again!

UTAU Akatsuki Hare feat. Onohara Fumiko - iNSaNiTy by ~Makoto-P on deviantART

If you would like to make some Fan Art of Hare, please send it to me:
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